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    New Update has been released!
    1. Class Balancing
    -check the images below for every class chance of dealing great damage.​

    2. Wing success rate renewal - Chaos Machine
    -to have a good option of wing, i have decided to make a FIX rate on server side regardless og what success percentage you have in chaos machine:
    • 1st Wing - 90%
    • 2nd Wing - 60%
    • 2.5 Wing - 70%
    • 3rd Wing - 80%
    3. Increased drop rate of Spheres in LaCleon
    4. Jewels removed from Pink Chocolate Box (this event ended since last month, feb14) and changed it to Lucky Coins.
    5. Lucky Coin Collector now accepts jewels to exchange for WCoins
    • x64 Lucky Coin = 25 WC
    • x64 Jewel of Soul = 30WC
    • x64 Jewel of Bless = 15
    6. Added more spot in Aida & Tarkan for eX 2.5 Wing ingredients
    7. Increased eX 2.5 Wings drop rate
    8. Fixed Selupan Drops
    9. Fixed Boss defense
    10. Added Fragment of Spirit map drop in Karutan1 & 2 and added basic pentagram drops in Acheron:
    • Muren's Book of Magic
    • Scroll of Etramu
    • Lorencia Knights' Iron Shield
    • Iron Shield of the Magic
Thread Status:
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