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    Attention to all!
    We have some changes regarding the /wh command.
    Previously Normal accounts can open warehouse 1-5 (0-4), starting today, we will limit it by account level.
    • 0-1 : Normal Account - 2 Warehouse
    • 0-2: VIP Bronze Account - 3 Warehouse
    • 0-3: VIP Silver Account - 4 Warehouse
    • 0-4: VIP Gold Account - 5 Warehouse
    This will take effect TODAY.

    But no worries, for those players who already using these commands in-game, you have still a chance to claim your items from the restricted warehouses. You can still open 5 warehouse even you are a normal account user to transfer your items on warehouse #0 & #1 if you are Normal Account User at SERVER 2 until February 10, 2019 11:00PM.

    How to use this command?
    Take a look on our F.A.Q Thread: http://forum.mu-ext.com/threads/f-a-q-in-game-information.13/
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